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Membres: YvesAubry

Yves Aubry

Écologie et conservation de la Grive de Bicknell au Québec
Université Laval

Directeur: André Desrochers

The main objective of my thesis is to identify important factors to help conservation efforts towards a sustainable use of Bicknell’s Thrush (Catharus bicknelli) habitat. My research is divided into 4 themes: mapping potential Bicknell’s Thrush habitat in southern Québec (modelling of satellite imagery and forest inventory maps), measuring habitat preferences across landscapes (survey data), measuring space use within home ranges and response to stand edges (radio-tracking), and characterization of this species’ variable mating systems in relation with its spatial organization.


Gauthier J. and Aubry Y. (eds.) 1996. The breeding birds of Québec: atlas of the breeding birds of southern Québec. Association Québécoise des Groupes d'Ornithologues, Province of Québec Society for the Protection of Birds, Canadian Wildlife Service, Environnement Canada (Québec region), Montréal, Québec, Canada.

Hobson K.A., Aubry Y. and Wassenaar L.I. 2004. Migratory connectivity in Bicknell's Thrush: Locating missing populations with hydrogen isotopes. Condor 106: 905-909.

Rimmer C.C., Mcfarland K.P., Evers D.C., Miller E.K., Aubry Y., Busby D. and Taylor R.J. 2005. Mercury concentrations in Bicknell's Thrush and other insectivorous passerines in montane forests of northeastern North America. Ecotoxicology 14

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